Froggy Fun

Dizzy Tilly would like you to meet Philbert the Frog!

Philbert Frog lives on the pond at Dizzy Tilly farm, and is always playing his favourite game, leaping lilly pads and catching the odd flies, with his green speckled brothers and sisters! Philbert is always up  to mischief and will often play tricks on his froggy pals and hop off into the forest on mini adventures!

"Philbert the speckled frog, sat on a speckled log, Eating some most delicious grubs, YUM YUM! Then he jumped in the pool, where it was nice and cool, Then there was no green speckled frog, GLUB GLUB!!"

Philbert likes nothing more than leaping into Dizzy Tilly's freshly run bath and floating on her soap! He has been known to drink all her water and eat up her soap!

"Tilly had a little froggy, his name was Philbert frog, she put him in her bath tub to see if he could bob, He drank up all the water and ate up all the soap and now he has a bubble stuck inside his throat, Oh bubble, bubble, bubble,   bubble, bubble, bubble,   bubble, bubble bubble, bubble,  BUBBLE, BUBBLE, POP!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Philbert and his friends love a game of hide and seek! The forest is a really great spot for playing games and for splodging huge froggy feet in the muddy pond.



"If you like cheeky PHILBERT FROG come along and join him at Dizzy Tilly Kids on a Wednesday's and Friday's and when you visit my groups you can take a look at other new animal friends visiting my farm. Dizzy Tilly and friends want to meet you!!!!"