Free Fun

Hi Friends, I am always busy whizzing from here to there, never stopping for a breath and thought I best share in some free ideas for you all to try in your holidays, at the weekend or in your spare time.

Take a look at all these 25 Free fun ideas below to do with your family,friends or by yourself!!!

1. Make a treasure map of your local beach and follow it to find precious things.

2. Design and build a race track out of paper and place it in a sandpit and race your cars against each other.

3. Make a puzzle then get a grown up to hide 5 pieces around the house and ask questions to find out where they are.

4. Build a puppet theatre out of a cardboard box and make puppets with paper, lolly sticks and sellotape to stick then together.

5. Make a necklace out of pasta shapes, you can also paint your pasta before you thread it on elastic.

6. Set up an obstacle course and get a grown up to time you as you set the fastest lap.

7. Find some old tins, boxes and bottletops and make some musical instruments to start your own band.

8. Go to your local park or forest and collect different items to make a picture to hang on the wall. Challenge yourself to find different items in the forest.

9. Draw chalk pictures on the pavement, Can you draw your favourite animal.

10. On a hot day grab some ice from the freezer and go out in the garden and draw pictures on a floor, can you draw a butterfly before it disappears.

11. Cycle, scooter or walk along the seafront or local park.

12. Make a sock puppet and decorate it with your own designs.

13. Build your own campsite in the garden using things from the house, like cushions, duvets and blankets.

14. Love Ice Cream, how about setting up your own shop and sprinkle sweets on top of your ice cream.

15. Learn a dance move and perfom a front of your friends and family.

16. Cut up some old photographs and make your own scrapbook of places where you have been.

17. Ask a grown up how to make playdough but here is a tip look at our download at Fun and Games page for the recipe and ask a grown up for help to make.

18. Invite your favourite toys for a picnic either indoors or outdoors and have a teddy bears picnic.

19. Call your family and friends to go to the park for a game of football, rounders or cricket.

20. Play hide and seek

21. Go to your local beach and search for crabs, rock pooling.

22. Make up a shopping game and get your family to buy all the paper food you have made in your shop.

23. Go in the garden and collect snails to have a giant snail race, make sure you feed them green leaves.

24. Listen to the sounds around your house and write down how many you can hear.

25. Try to get to your local free public park and enjoy the fresh air.

Phew!!! if you managed to do all of these Free fun ideas you must be very tired by now. For further ideas on Kids days out, take a look at our reviews at our Adventures page of places in Sussex and Hampshire..