Farm Friends!

Here is my page for you to meet all my farm friends and enjoy getting to know their hobbies and interests.

Hi, I'm Whizzy the scarecrow, Dizzy Tilly's best friend, you can usually find me having fun in the fields or playing hide and seek in the hay barn!

My Favourite hobby is playtime, my favourite song is 'Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow'. Follow me to hear all about my party games and outdoor activities.

Oink oink!  Hey there, I'm Onk-a-lot, Dizzy Tilly's pig, I love rolling in the mud on Dizzy Tilly's farm and snoozing in the warm sun after a nice lunch.

My Favourite food is watermelon, my favourite hobby is eating, my favourite song is 'This little piggy went to market', follow me to hear all about yummy recipes and healthy eating for kids on Onk-a-lot's page

Neigh, Neigh!

Howdy friends, I'm Conker, Dizzy Tilly's horse. I love going on adventures over the fields, across the land and through the forest.

My Favourite food is apples, my favourite hobby is trotting and rides out with Dizzy Tilly, my favourite song is 'Horsey Horsey'. Follow me on adventures to learn about the trees and the countryside.

Mooo! Hellooooo! I'm Cowslip, Dizzy Tilly's cow, I love chewing sweet fresh grass in the meadow.

My Favourite food is meadow grass, my favourite hobby is smelling buttercups in my meadow and chewing grass, my favourite joke is " What do you get if you sit under a cow"? ....... A pat on the head!!

Follow me for yummy treat ideas with dairy produce to help kids get enough calcium.