New for Spring 2016 and available at events in June and onwards  are Dizzy Tilly kid's new animal friends the "Early Learners". These friends are coming to Dizzy Tilly to help explore the early learning goals. Each inspiring animal has their own special area of learning and will bring imagination and learning experiences each time they appear!

JaffaOur first member of the team is....... Jaffa the Giraffe, his favourite subject is Geography and looking at areas of knowledge and understanding of the world.



Zebra on own

Our second member of the team is.......... Zulu the Zebra, her favourite subject is Expressive Arts and Design, she's creative and has an eye for colour and loves looking at patterns like her characteristic stripes.


Monkey on own

Our third member of the team is.......... Moe moe the monkey, his favourite subject is Maths and he will be helping us discover numbers, shape and measure.



lion on own

Our fourth member of the team is............ Lemarny the Lion, his favourite subject is Literacy and he will be exploring all ways of mark making, pincer gripping, letters, story time and phonetic sounds. Ggggrrr!!!

Watch out for the three further animals on arrival at Dizzy Tilly Kids soon!!!